57th Annual Swap Meet

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Come visit us on August 16-18, 2024

See the largest swap meet in Missouri – over 2,200 swap meet spaces and 343 Car Corral spaces!

The swap meet is located at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, MO.
Take I-44 exit 77 north (MO highway 13) to Norton Road, then turn right.
The Fairgrounds are on the north side of the road about 3/4 to a mile east on Norton.

General information

If you want to sell or buy, this is your place to be! You will find project cars to show cars and everything between, new or used auto parts for Model T’s to current era vehicles, shop tools, maintenance supplies, automobilia and more. Inside swap spaces located in the E-Plex offer the convenience of being indoors and the benefits of a climate controlled area. Spaces are available inside both for vendors offering at least 80% automotive related items and those offering Arts, Crafts, Services and much more! The outside swap spaces are designated for vendors offering at least 80% automotive items. Outside and car corral spaces have sold out quickly in recent years and we expect to sell out the indoor spaces for the first time this year. The swap meet grounds cover 77 acres plus an off-site parking lot monitored during the day and locked at night for large trucks and trailers.

Swap spaces and car corral spaces

Outside swap spaces

  • Size: 20ft x 20ft M/L (except where noted on map)
  • Electric power is available at selected spaces for an additional fee. See the Fairgrounds Management to make arrangements. The entrance to their office is located at the center of the E-Plex building
  • Swap spaces have front access to a 20-foot-wide road (path) that must be kept clear
  • Spaces inside the Corwin Arena Building and Corwin Arena Annex are considered outdoor spaces.
  • View the Maps section for the layout of the area
  • Learn some specifics about how we set up boundaries for your swap space.
  • If a vendor sets up or rents a tent 400 sqft or larger (i.e. 20 ft x 20 ft), the tent supplier must obtain a permit including any required fire department inspections.

Inside swap spaces

  • Spaces are located inside the E-Plex Building which is just inside the main gate on the left of E-Plex Boulevard
  • The area is air-conditioned and well-lighted
  • Size: 10ft x 10ft M/L, except those adjoining the wall, which are 10ft x 9ft ML. See E-Plex map for details.
  • Tables, skirts and chairs are available for rent from the Fairgrounds Management. Contact the Fairgrounds Management at 417-833-2660 for cost details and arrangements
  • Electric power is available for an additional fee at most spaces. See the Fairgrounds Management Staff to make arrangments. Their office is inside the center door at the front of the E-Plex.
  • Learn some specifics about how we set up boundaries for your swap space.
  • E-Plex swap spaces are available in the West Hall, East Hall, Center Hall and the Main Lobby

eplex-east-hall_481x361   ePlex_1

Car corral spaces

  • Spaces are behind the E-Plex and in front of the Grand Stand
  • 343 spaces available
    • 33 spaces are sized for cars left on trailers or over-sized vehicles (15ft x 25ft)
    • 310 spaces sized for cars and light trucks (10ft x 20ft)
  • The car corral area is locked from 8PM to 7AM daily
  • Traffic in the car corral area is restricted to pedestrians and mobility scooters
  • Learn some specifics about how we set up boundaries for your swap space.

Space boundaries

Your space boundaries are marked as shown below:
NOTE: When standing in the road or aisle, your space number will be facing you and in the center of your space. The “+”s, “T”s and “L”s designate the boundaries of your space(s). The “T”s and “L”s may be upside down and/or sideways. There may be a solid line showing the front and/or rear boundaries.



Services offered

Free admission to the public (small parking fee applicable)

Gates open to the public at 7AM and close at 8PM Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours are 7AM to Noon.

Personal Transportation and ADA Approved Scooters

ADA Approved Scooters are available through Event Scooter Rental. Call 262-677-2697 for information and reservations or see the website at www.eventscooters.com.

Vendors are allowed personal transportation (i.e. golf carts, bicycles, mini-bikes, etc.) before 10am and after 4pm. Use of any motorized vehicle or personal transportation except ADA Approved Scooters by vendors and/or spectators are prohibited between 10am – 4pm.

Only OAAC official golf carts are allowed during this time.

Free parts hauling

Available to move items from the vendors’ locations to the designated pickup area just outside of Gate 5A (the main entrance at the end of E-Plex Boulevard.

Refreshment vendors

Located inside the E-Plex, along E-Plex Boulevard just east of the E-Plex Building and in a trailer near the restrooms by gate 11.


Located on the south side of E-Plex Boulevard (across from the food concessions), East, West and Center Halls of the E-Plex, the Wells Arena, and 4-H Building. Porta-potties are also placed in strategic locations. Showers are available in the Wells Arena and 4-H Building.


NOTE: The following are only a selection of the Swap Meet Rules and Regulations. Make sure to view all our Rules and Regulations.

Bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters and ATVs are prohibited. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters may be used.

Per city ordinances,

    • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Fairgrounds except in the approved bar area(s)
    • Swap meet vendors cannot sell, barter or give away food, beverages or other refreshments
    • Smoking is not allowed inside any buildings (including restrooms)
    • If a vendor sets up or rents a tent 400 sqft or larger (i.e. 20 ft x 20 ft), the tent supplier must obtain a permit including any required fire department inspections

Only vendor vehicles with an original, current registration sticker attached to the windshield as defined in the rules are permitted inside the swap meet and car corral areas.

No overnight parking (including campers) will be allowed in the fairgrounds parking area.

Vendor vehicle access to the swap meet areas are:

      • Thursday for setup as defined in the rules
      • Friday and Saturday: From 6AM to 10AM and from 4PM to 10PM
      • Sunday: From 6AM to 3PM

For the complete listing of the swap meet rules, see our Rules and Regulations document.

Maps of available spaces

The maps of the three areas (outside spaces, inside spaces and car corral spaces) give you an overview of the layout of the swap meet grounds. Each of the maps shows the spaces that have sold and those currently available. While we strive to keep the status of each space up-to-date, occasionally a transaction may be in process that has not been posted to the map. The maps are a graphical representation and are not to exact scale. Some features may not be noted on the maps and other may have been removed or relocated. REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE, SEE DIRECTIONS AND CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW TO REGISTER.

While you’re here…

Springfield offers lots of great dining and lodging options and its attractions are many and fun! While you’re here, look around and discover the hidden gems that are local eateries, hospitable hotels and things to do that range from entertaining to historical.


Contact us

Don’t forget to read our general information web page to see if we’ve answered your question here! We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

For questions about registration, a swap or car corral space, contact Jeff at 417-366-3199 or OAACRegistrar@gmail.com. Register by mail with registration form completely filled out and signed with payment included (no debit/credit cards are accepted). REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.

For questions about general swap meet information or other concerns (i.e. general rules, camping, electrical availability, handicap cart rental, etc) contact John at 417-324-8302 or OAACSwap@gmail.com.

Ready to register for a space?

If you want to register for a space, you can do so using our registration application by mail, registration form must be completely filled out and signed with payment included (sorry, no debit or credit cards are accepted). REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.